Baking & Cooking

Choose from 25 varieties of flour, in bulk or pre-packaged, as well as a selection of organic flours. We also carry many gluten free baking and cooking products. On our shelves you will find chocolate, butterscotch and carob baking chips plus melting wafers, confectionary baking candy and some fruit fillings for pies or desserts. Candied and glazed fruit are available during the Christmas baking season.

Our sweeteners include different sugars, honey, corn syrup, molasses, sugar substitutes and organic sugars. You will also find a large selection of conventional and organic dried fruits and raisins. We have over 30 varieties of rice and pasta. For our soup connoisseurs nearly 20 varieties of beans and peas are on hand, in addition to bouillon cubes.

Specialty products, like gluten-free and organic, are our specialty.  Our staff will be happy to assist your baking and cooking needs.