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  • General

    • Where can I get Hewitt’s or Gay Lea products coupons?

      We are committed to providing quality products at the best possible prices. We will continue to provide consumer coupons from time to time either directly on our specially marked product packages, through distribution in stores, or shared on Gay Lea’s Newsletter and Facebook page Unfortunately, we do not generate coupons directly from our office.

    • Are Hewitt’s products made from pasteurized milk?

      Although pasteurization is carried out at different stages, depending on the product, it is a step in the manufacturing process of every dairy product.

    • Are Hewitt’s products gluten-free?

      Yes – all of Gay Lea’s products are gluten-free. Our production facilities are also free of gluten.

    • Are Hewitt’s products Halal?

      Many of Hewitt’s products are Halal certified. We encourage customers with these dietary restrictions to look for the respective logo which will be on all of our products that meet these regulations.

    • Are Hewitt’s s products Kosher?

      The majority of Hewitt’s products are Kosher certified. Hewitt’s Dairy and Gay Lea complies with Canadian Regulation in which all Kosher certified products are labelled with the respective ‘COR’ logo.

    • Are Hewitt’s products nut and peanut free?

      Gay Lea’s products are all nut and peanut free, with the exception of product made at Hewitt’s Dairy Bar. Hewitt’s Dairy Bar produces ice cream made with both nuts and peanuts.

    • Can I freeze Hewitt’s products in the containers that you ship them in?

      We do not recommend freezing any of our products with the exception of butter.

    • Does Hewitt’s Milk contain any artificial growth hormones, antibiotics or preservatives?

      Hewitt’s and Gay Lea Milk does not contain preservatives. In Canada, the use of artificial growth hormones is prohibited for dairy cows and antibiotic use must comply with Canadian law. Milk supply safety and quality regulations are very strict and include provisions for farm and dairy processing plant inspections and testing.

  • Milk

    • What is the source of the Goat Milk?

      We purchase Goat milk from over 110 goat milk producers in Ontario. They are supplied with proper bedding, heat, light and a nutritious balanced diet. Goats diet consists of a mixture of hay and haylage, corn silage and a dairy ration which is composed of grains such as soybeans, barley and minerals. Most dairy farmers grow their own feed and as a result may contain GMO feed. Our Organic Goat Milk comes from 4 different farms in Ontario. The goats are fed the same diet, but the feed is GMO free.

    • Why is my milk not Steaming?

      It is possible that if steaming is done at too high or inconsistent a temperature it could lead to curdling.  This is a result of the protein denaturation which then tend to clump and result in a curdling effect.

    • Why is my milk not frothing?

      Based on our experience, any changes in the milk (i.e. souring or stale flavours) would have an impact on the ability of the milk to form froth bubbles or alternatively, may disrupt the stability of the froth.

  • Sour Cream

    • Which of Hewitt’s Sour Creams are gelatin free?

      There is no gelatin in any of Hewitt’s sour creams.

  • Yogourt

    • Why is my yogurt runny?

      Our Natural Yogurts do not contain stabilizers, as such they can become runny if they are mishandled or dropped.