Interested in Producing Goat Milk?

We welcome all interest in the Ontario dairy goat industry. It certainly is an exciting industry of growth and opportunity.  Anyone interested in producing goat milk, please review the following pdf file on how to get started.

What is required of New Producers 1

Hewitt's Dairy is committed to the growth of the Ontario goat milk market. Hewitt's is dedicated to investigating opportunities and developing new markets and contacts. The ability for producers to grow, expand and gain efficiencies is a top priority for our organization.

Hewitt's Dairy prides itself on providing quality products and quality service. With the support and loyalty of our producers, Hewitt's will continue to be a dominant player in the industry. We look forward to the opportunity of working with you!
  1. 6/10/What-is-required-of-New-Producers1.pdf