Goat Milk History

What we do?

As a Processor:

In the early 1970’s, one local goat farmer from Oneida Township was looking for someone to pasteurize and bottle his goat milk. Howard Hewitt (President at the time) saw a future in this valuable market and started processing goat milk for the local producer. The pasteurized milk was sold into the Toronto marketplace, and opened doors for additional dairy goat products.

Today, we process fluid goat milk, plain goat milk yogourt, fruit bottom goat milk yogourt (fruit sweetened with honey), goat ice cream (also sweetened with honey), goat sour cream, and most recently, we bottle organic goat milk in recyclable and returnable glass bottles.

In addition to the products we manufacture at our own facility, we have a number of products co-packed for us: unsalted and uncultured goat cream butter, goat milk powders, goat cheddar, and organic chèvre, a fresh unripened goat cheese.

Hewitt’s Dairy is also pleased to distribute a variety of goat cheeses produced by a number of our goat milk customers: Celebrity Goat Cheese (processed by Mariposa Dairy) and Woolwich Dairy.

As a Broker:

As our story tells, Hewitt’s Dairy has had a lengthy history in the goat milk business. For over 40 years, Hewitt’s has been marketing fresh goat milk for Ontario goat milk producers. It all began with the weekly processing of one milk can (approximately 36 litres) from one local goat milk producer, to the marketing of over 300,000 litres weekly to a number of processors in and out of the province.

Hewitt’s Dairy was the first broker of goat milk in Ontario. In the 1980’s, we were the first broker to work with Woolwich Dairy. Together with our producers, we helped this prosperous organization grow from its humble beginnings. For the past decade, Hewitt’s has been proudly supplying the needs of Mariposa Dairy as they have evolved from on-farm processing to their new processing plant in Lindsay, Ontario. Over the years, Hewitt’s has established strong working relationships with other cheese operations in Ontario, Quebec and throughout the United States.

Producers selling milk to Hewitt’s Dairy are recognized as providers of exceptional milk. We have set high standards for raw milk quality in our Quality Programs.

The key to our success in the goat milk market is our goat milk producers!