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September 2013

Hewitt’s Dairy Limited has been voted the “Best Historic Ice Cream” in the Lake Erie Living magazine.  Launching commemorative ice cream flavours in honour of the Bicentennial Anniversary of the War of 1812 provided Hewitt’s with greater exposure.


August 2012 – Hewitt’s Dairy celebrates 125 years! 

Hewitt’s Dairy Limited has had the pleasure of serving its community and local customer base in Hagersville for 125 years.

From their humble beginnings in 1887, the Hewitt family has ridden the many waves of the dairy industry – from home delivery of raw milk; from glass bottles to plastic jugs to plastic bags and back to glass bottles; from negotiating contracts with local dairy farmers to the introduction of supply management; from governed distribution regions to Ontario-wide delivery; from pricing per pound to component based-pricing; from cow milk to goat milk and beyond to other species; from horse delivery to one delivery truck to a full fleet; from multiple independent dairy processors in Haldimand County to less than 10 in the entire province – the changes have been endless.

On Saturday, August 25, 2012, the Hewitt family celebrated 125 glorious years of business.  Over 200 customers, suppliers, friends and family members joined us for a “Meet and Greet” in honour of this glorious milestone.