Hewitt’s and the Environment

 Recyle, Reuse, Reduce    As a manufacturer, we recognize that we have a corporate responsibility to protect the environment and limit our carbon footprint. At Hewitt’s we consider how we can protect resources; a critical step in environmental stewardship.

In 1994, we went back to basics and re-introduced milk in glass recyclable and returnable bottles. Not only are we providing customers with the opportunity to reduce, reuse and recycle, they are able to enjoy the fresh taste of our milk … the way nature intended!

To assist the local municipality, Hewitt’s will be working towards pre-treating their own wastewater.  Being a good corporate citizen is important for us.

Similarly, we encourage the producers with whom we work to respect the animals in their care.  Animal welfare is critical – both on and off the farm.  In conjunction with milk producing groups, and Ontario Farm Animal Council, Hewitt’s encourages safe transportation and handling of animals.