What we do?

At Hewitt’s we are committed to providing quality products for our customers.

We process:

  • a full range of fluid milk (homogenized, 2%, 1% and skim milk) chocolate milk (2% milk mixed with a decadent chocolate syrup)
  • fresh all-natural creams with no additives (10% cream – half ‘n half cream, 18% cream – table cream, 35% cream – whipping cream)
  • buttermilk (cultured 2% milk)
  • unhomogenized milk (bulk package for home production of yogourt and cheese)
     note: a made to order item
  • a variety of all-natural yogourts (whole, 2% and skim), made with live active bacterial culture
  •  fruit bottom yogourts sweetened with honey (black cherry, blueberry, peach, raspberry, strawberry)
  • flavoured yogourt (french vanilla)
  •  sour cream (regular and light)
  •  fluid goat milk (3.8% and 2%)
  •  all-natural goat milk yogourt, made with live active bacterial culture
  •  fruit bottom goat yogourts sweetened with honey (blueberry, peach, raspberry, strawberry)
  • goat sour cream
  • organic goat milk
  • egg nog (regular and premium) – seasonal item
  • ice cream
  • sherbet
  • goat ice cream (sweetened with honey)
  • low-fat and sugar-free ice cream
  • frozen yogourt 
  • co-pack Kefir and Flavoured Yogourt Drinks for Good Moood Farms (Active Wellness Products) – products available at Costco
  • co-pack “Elegant” Ayran Yogourt Drink for Fountain Food and Beverages

We are proud to be the processing dairy for Harmony Organic Dairy Products, as well as being one of their main distributors.

With a fleet of nine delivery vehicles, Hewitt’s distributes a wide range of products to our customers throughout Southern Ontario.